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Proposal: Melissa & Kyle

Back in March I got a message from Kyle saying he wanted to propose to his girlfriend Melissa while they were on vacation with their families in Cedar Key, so of course I said LET'S DO IT! He had this super cute idea to do it totally off guard, and with a message in a bottle... Like are you kidding me? How romantic! So once the day in April came around - my Mom, Brother and I made the trip up to Cedar Key, went through a few rain storms and it looked GNARLY once we pulled up to the inlet. Kyle step sister and my cousin (who are besties) met us and showed us where to go, then his step dad and brother came up and planted the message in a bottle and off they went! While we waited, in true Florida fashion, it stormed off and on, my brother and I had our raincoats on looking like the news anchors during hurricane season. Then we waited until Melissa & Kyle pulled up. So I gave Kyle the nod to go, and acted like I was taking pictures of my brother, then I went into action once Kyle and Melissa walked over to the inlet and CASUALLY found the message in a bottle, and while Melissa was reading the message, Kyle dropped down on his knee. Mom was asked to video record the whole thing as well so the family waiting back at the campground could see! She had absolutely NO IDEA what was going on, she said yes of course and it was just perfect.

It was an absolute honor to sneakily photograph their engagement, and take a few snaps afterwards! I mean look at these two MODELS!!! Made my job easy. Big congrats to Kyle & Melissa!! Can't wait to watch your Happily Ever After flourish.

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