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Proposal: Brittni & Stephen

At the beginning of June I got a text from Brittni's Mom and said "So we have a friend who's proposing this weekend in Clearwater, can you shoot it?" and I had a SNEAKING suspicion that it was Brittni & Stephen, and I was right! The whole family got together and planned this with Stephen within a week and I think we all pulled it off pretty well! We got down to Clearwater and got everything set up and ready to go with the help of both moms, and Brittni's brother Tyler, we got the ring attached to their dog Maverick, then we made ourselves very inconspicuous as they walked up to the picnic set up. As Tyler walked around the corner with the dog, I busted out of the bushes and started snapping. The whole family and all of their friends walked up and stood behind me to watch the proposal go down. As expected Brittni had NO idea and we all caught her very off guard, then she realized what was about to happen and it was so cute watching them cry and laugh together. The magical question happened, she of course said yes! Brittni's nephews ran up to her with a bouquet of flowers and then we all celebrated together with cheering with champagne, and lots of pictures of course with this absolutely beautiful lighting from the sunset! Couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day for these two to get engaged! I'm so excited to see what the future has in store for this beautiful couple! Congratulations to the future Mr & Mrs DeMatties! PS - We love a the fake proposal shot requested by the Grandma!

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