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Brand: Chubby Girls Inc.

"I created Chubby Girls Inc. during COVID quarantine 2020. It started as a joke while working out one day at cranes roost with a friend and my sister. Throughout quarantine we would do at home workouts, go to parks, ride bikes, anything outdoors and to get our bodies moving! While focusing on fun ways to move my body and feeling healthy rather than focusing on weight loss or strict cardio workouts I have gained so much self love and body acceptance! I love my body, I own what I have, and I am always striving for HEALTH and FUN! I want everyone to feel that same empowering feeling! Creating this page was the next step for Chubby Girls Inc. to give everyone a place to show off how they feel most confident moving their body!" - Courtney Lalande @ChubbyGirls_Inc

Back in September Courtney and I got together to take some photos for her Chubby Girls Inc instagram page and let me tell you.. This was such a breath of fresh air for me creative wise! For those of you that don't know- sports was my first introduction into the photography world, and it has always been a passion of mine, and it's how I ended up working for Disney! So when Courtney brought up this shoot I was like YES YES 100% !! She came to this session with all of these ideas on fitness and workouts, body positivity, relating food to body image and self love, and just to have FUN! Not everything in life needs to be so serious and strict. We walked around Cranes Roost in Altamonte Springs for about an hour and did everything under the sun for her brand, laughed, and has so much fun, and I think the pictures reflect that beautifully. I think they show how much love and support these girls have put into Courtneys brand, and their own self love journey. I left that session with the biggest smile on my face and I'm so beyond proud of these pictures. I'll be posting a few photos below - but go Follow @ChubbyGirls_inc on instagram for more amazing content!

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